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Pastors & Ministry Leaders’ Pledge

I believe that the overall condition of the nation is a direct reflection of the overall condition of God’s people, and I accept that the pulpit is most responsible for the overall moral strength or decadence of the country. Sign Pledge.

Join Civic Action Team

As a member of the Civic Action Team, you agree to work with the permission and under the authority of your pastor to:
Educate your congregation about current issues
Serve on a team of likeminded individuals in your congregation
Help facilitate voter registration 45 days prior to each election
Distribute nonpartisan voter guides, if available in your area
Alert your pastor when important issues arise in your community

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The National Black Robe Regiment is a network of national and local pastors and pastor groups that equips and empowers pastors to engage in their Biblical and historical role to stand boldly for righteousness and justice and to transform society through spiritual and cultural engagement

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