By Alice Patterson, NBRR Building Relationships. Partnering with state and national leaders. Sharing our expertise (and even our large mailing lists!) with those who join arm-in-arm in the battle. Equipping. Empowering. Mobilizing Biblical-values voters. Praying. Trusting. Reaching across racial lines. Working behind the scenes. These are core values of the National Black Robe Regiment (NBRR).

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By Bob Eschliman, Charisma News According to attorneys representing a Louisburg, Kan., woman, police forced their way into her home, telling her the Constitution was “just a piece of paper” that “doesn’t work here,” before telling her she could not pray in her home. All over a simple noise complaint about her radio being turned up

Photo by Reuters/Joshua Roberts By Dave Butts, Charisma News A national coalition of leaders is calling for a second round of prayer walking the nation for 40 days leading up to the elections. The event begins Sept. 30 and goes through Election Day, Nov. 8, 2016. The need to see the United States covered in prayer is extensive.

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