Even before the landmark Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage, churches and individuals were already facing the loss of religious freedom and speech. Now Christian organizations and individuals must be prepared to respond or risk the same fate that other brothers and sisters in Christ have already endured. Christian photographers, bakers, florists and owners of

By Kristen Andersen The First Circuit Court of Appeals has allowed a lawsuit to proceed against U.S. pastor Scott Lively accusing him of “crimes against humanity” for his overseas activism opposing the homosexual agenda. The plaintiffs are seeking unspecified damages “to be determined at trial” and a declaration that he violated “the laws of nations”

We are asking Christian leaders across the country to join in standing and speaking with one clear voice ​against this bigotry. May we add your name to a growing list of Christian leaders who support this statement below? Read the Story [box] “We abhor the grotesque anti-Semitic mural at Biggie’s gas station in Cleveland, Ohio. We