The Motto “In God We Trust” Unites a Community

The Motto “In God We Trust” Unites a Community

Jay Stinson the owner of Big Jay’s Signs and Shirtworks decided to do something unbelievable. He announced he would pay for the labor and materials to place “In God We Trust” on all city vehicles. He believes “the project is a chance to not only share the Gospel, but unite the local community.”

The city council of Forney, Texas voted unanimously in favor of a resolution that will add the famous motto to all city-owned vehicles. The total cost of the project is $2500 which Jay Stinson is happy to put toward his community.

When asked why he is using his money for the project Jay Stinson responded, “I believe in the words of this motto. I believe that our country was founded on this motto and believe that this project will be a small step to unite our community and make people feel better about our police and fire entities.” 

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