• Don’t overly restrict your speech and action because you don’t know what you can do politically!
    Use these resources in your church or consider sending them to your pastor or priest adding a personal note of encouragement to not keep silent on the divisive issues facing our culture.

  1. Alliance Defense Fund’s Pastor Guideline Letter
  2. ACLJ information for 501(c)(3) incorporated churches

  • Liberty Counsel has a number of very useful resources for churches and pastors to assist you in informing your church family about today’s issues. Use these resources to learn about what you can and can’t do politically.

  1. Political and Legislative Guide Chart For Pastors and Churches
  2. What May Pastors and Churches Do? By Matthew D. Staver
  3. Non-Partisan Voter Guides
  4. How Churches and Pastors can Distribute Non-Partisan Voter Guides
  5. Churches and Elections – What is the Law?
  6. Know Your Religious Rights Kit

Christian Legal Organizations

Constitutional and Religious Freedom Issues

Church Personnel and Policy Issues

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