My Calling: Biblical Applicationalism

My Calling: Biblical Applicationalism


By Dr. Jim Garlow

For years I have tried to explain to others “who I am.” I am not taking a psycho-babble type of “who am I” when I say this.

Rather I am talking about the gifts God gives to each of us.

All of us have to find our own unique gifting and calling.

I have only recently been able to explain why I function the way I do, and to use proper terms.

Please permit me a moment of “self awareness chatter” if you would – LOL.

Only four months or so ago did I finally understand & reflect on what came on me – when I was age 10 – in August of 1956 (while watching the Democratic National Convention as Adlai Stevenson was being nominated)  – and know what to call it.

I remember right where I was in the living room of our old two story, “box-y,” white frame farm house three miles west of Ames, KS (population approx 50 or 75?) – a house built in the 1890’s – with the huge window water cooler running (blasting) – as I watched our Zenith TV with the antennae rotator on the top of it.  (Anyone old enough to know what I am talking about?)

I remember talking to my Uncle Vernon & Aunt Evelyn about governmental things the next day or so – with great excitement.

Only recently did I learn to label it a “governmental anointing.”  I could not understand why some others did not feel as I did.

And I could not understand why some pastors and some laypersons even criticized it – calling it “political” – a term that I knew denigrated what God had placed in my heart and on my life.

It was NEVER about “politics” per se – although it impacted “politics.”

It was never about “political activism” (although political activism is a good thing, in fact, a very good thing).

I knew it was so much more – but I could not label it

Only in the past 120 days or so have I realized the proper nomenclature: “Biblical applicational-ism,”

It took me all these years to figure it out.

And now, after reading my good friend Joe Mattera’s (he is a Bishop in New York City) article (below), I understand the term “kingdom prophet.”

I am not a “church prophet.”  They are great, but I am not one.

But – I “see” cultural issues – with clarity.

And – I confess – it has frustrated me when others do not.

Furthermore, it has really bothered me when people call my interests “political.”

Pure “politics” (is “politics” ever “pure?” – LOL)  is under-stimulating to me.

Political activism is designed to get the most votes every two years.  That is not bad.  In fact, it is good.

But that is not my calling.

My calling is Biblical applicationalism.

Biblical applicationalism is to help people understand that Scripture is the foundation of government itself – and by default – the candidates.

Biblical applicationism is to help people see that for every challenging political and social problem we have today, THE BIBLE HAS AN ANSWER – THAT WORKS IN SOCIETY.

It is to help every follower of Jesus (and non-followers too) grasp how the Bible applies to every aspect of governmental life.

That is why I am find myself trying to teach people how to respond BIBLICALY to the many critical social and “political” issues of our day!

That is why I found myself raising up and funding a couple (Dan & Joann Cummins) to go to Washington, DC and begin weekly worship services in the US Capitol Building (which had not occurred in 140 years).

That is why I found myself helping to fund a couple (Daniel & Carol Ketchum) to go to the Knesset in Israel and share a “Isaiah 40 type ministry” (Comfort ye my people!)  to “speak tenderly to Jerusalem.”

Some Christians think this is about politics.  Oh how I wish they understood it is so much more!

It is not “political.” It is Biblical.

Some Christians misunderstand this as not “just preaching Jesus,” when in fact it is not only clearly preaching Jesus, but advocating the very kingdom teaching he preached.

The “left” misunderstands this type of calling as advocating a “theocracy” or being “right wing.”

In my mind it is not “right vs. left.”  It is “right vs. wrong.”  And the Bible is right.  And everything else is wrong.

And to my “lefty friends,” I fully understand that we do not live in a theocracy but that we live in a constitutional republic that operates democratically.

Joe Mattera’s article would use a different term to explain my calling: “kingdom prophet.”

Each of you has a calling, a gifting.

You need to understand yours – and walk in it.

I understand mine.

I enjoy walking it out.

I have a “governmental anointing” for “Biblical applicationalism.”

Only with Biblical applicationalism can our nation – or any nation – be preserved or experience its true potential and greatness.

See Bishop Mattera’s article:

Contrasting Kingdom Prophets and Church Prophets

jpeg 57Dr. Jim Garlow is the Senior Pastor at Skyline Church in San Diego, California and is heard daily on over 800 radio outlets in his one-minute commentary, “The Garlow Perspective.”  Jim Garlow came to national attention in 2008 for his leadership role in organizing religious groups to support California Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage.  He has done over 900 radio, TV and print interviews, national and local, covering a wide-range of historical, theological, and political topics.

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