The Mountains of Cultural Change

The Mountains of Cultural Change


Glenn Beck spoke with David Barton and George Bama about the Seven Mountains of Culture. 1. Business 2. Government 3. Media 4. Arts and Entertainment 5 Education 6. Family 7. Religion. Glenn says we have lost all the mountains except family and religion. They discuss what we can do to preserve our culture and the principles our nation was founded on. According to Bama research pastors need to become leaders from the pulpit and talk about the important issues America is facing. Bama research surveyed 150 people across the country and put together a list of 150 different issues people want to hear their pastors preach about from the pulpit. From the 150 different issues they look the upper half of the list and survived a larger more representative sample of people.

Read some of the transcript from the Blaze below:

DAVID: Yeah, we were having a conversation, and you said, “We need to get people to get their pastors to preach about stuff. What do we ask them to preach about?” And I looked at you and said, “I don’t have a clue, but I think I know someone who does.” So I called George that night and said, “George, here’s the deal. Glenn would like to have people ask their pastors to preach about certain things. What do people want to hear? What do they want to—

GLENN: Looking for leaders. In our pulpit

DAVID: Well, there’s a difference between being a pastor and being a leader. There’s a lot of pastors; there’s just not a lot of leaders. And a lot of leaders — one of the things I challenge pastors with now is, hey, if you announce on Sunday morning or Saturday morning, or whatever your service is, you announce you’re shutting down your church, on Monday morning, will civic officials be lined up at your church saying, “No, don’t leave. You’re too valuable to the community. We can’t have you leave. You offer too much good stuff.” And most churches community would never know.

In the transcript below Glenn Beck talks about issue #12 and David Barton talks about issue #6.

GLENN: Yeah, I mean, we’re asking churchgoers. Yeah, we’re asking church people, what is it — what do you want to have your pastor talk about? Number 12, no pastor in America would say this is even in the top 20. Islam. The core beliefs, response to Islamic aggression, threat to peace and domestic stability.

DAVID: And, by the way, it’s worth pointing out on this, also in the poll, he found out that 33 percent of pastors said they talked about Israel, but only 24 percent of people said they heard their pastor talk about Israel.

GLENN: So what does that tell you, David?

DAVID: It tells me that the guys who think they’re talking about it, don’t talk about it very much. Or they made a comment in passing or they thought they made an illusion that somebody understood. 80 percent of people want to hear this. Pastors, 33 percent said, “Well, I talk about this.” But only 24 percent actually heard them say something. Which means they’re not communicating what they think they are from the pulpit to the people in the pews.

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