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By Sabrina McDonald, Arkansas Baptist News Kim Menon was an avowed atheist. As a child, her parents took her to church but no one could satisfy her with the answers she sought. Now a kindergarten teacher in Seattle, education is a central part of Menon’s life. Striving to get involved in her students’ lives and

Across the border, speaking out against the drug cartels means consequences. So far this year, five Mexican journalists reporting on cartel-related crimes were silenced by cartel hitmen. Nearly 100 outspoken mayors, who railed against the cartels, were murdered during the last 10 years. And even priests aren’t safe. Gangs violently killed 11 in the past

On April 9th Mark Gonzales, Executive Director of the National Black Robe Regiment, prayed at the UnitedCry prayer event at the Lincoln Memorial. During his prayer he stated emphatically, “God is looking for a people that speak two languages.” What two languages is he talking about? Click here watch Mark Gonzales’ unequivocal prayer for America.

By Alice Patterson Bishop Jim Lowe pastor of Guiding Light Church in Birmingham, Alabama declares, “Our society is polarized between the Word of God and what people think they believe in—same-sex marriage, abortion, adultery and multiple partners. I want to make a better world for our children.” Bishop Lowe founded Gatekeepers Association of Alabama to do

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